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Chapel of Souls

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The chapel of the SS. Souls of Purgatory was devastated by a fire in January 2004.The altarpiece was destroyed and replaced with the painting we see next door It is a reproduction of a painting that adorns the apse of the monastic chapel inside the Monastery.
The paintings of the monastic chapel are the work of the monk of Finalpia Father Leandro Montini (+1958).
At the center of the painting, reproduced here, dominates the Crucifix, as it has remained in the heart and in the eyes of the Church.
By clicking on the photo of the Chapel,
the central part of the apse of the monastic chapel appears.
The Crucifix with the two Angels can thus be better seen.
The angel on the left gathers water and blood in a cup,
that come out from the side of Christ, pierced by the soldier's spear.
The angel on the right, removing the plate covering the tomb of Jesus,
it announces the Resurrection of Christ

For centuries over the altar there was a painting of the '700,
of whichyou can see the reproduction on the right.

This picture explains the reason for the dedication of the Chapel.

You saw the Virgin Pia,
sitting with the Divin Child in her arms,
surrounded by a crown of angels.
The souls of Purgatory, enveloped in flames,
the Madonna implored.
The Angels rushed to free them

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