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funded in 910 was the crib for Cluniac Benedictines.
Expanded all over Europe, gave to the Church generations of monks, many of them elevated to the Papal Throne.
Swiped away by the French Revolution, never resurrected.

This painting gives us an idea of how the famous monastic complex, looked like before his destruction

   Here the typical schedule of one medieval day in this famous monastery.

   The following outline is necessarily a little bit approximate, to take in consideration the variation and the typical approximation of calculation of time in the medieval society.

   Hours 24,30 Eves
   2,30 Rest
   4 Laud
   4,30 Rest
   5,45 Rising

   (a little bit before 6 o'clock, private Mass)

   6 Hour first
   6,30 Conventual Chapter in his three parts (liturgical, administrative, and disciplinary)
   7,30 Conventual morning Mass

   8,15-9 Private Mass

   9 - 10, 30 Hour Third, conventual Mass
   10,45-11,30 Work
   11,30 Hour Sixth
   12 Lunch
   12,45-13,45 Rest
   14-14,30 Hour Ninth
   14,30-16,30 Work (during summer in the garden,during winter
   or during bad weather in the library)
   16,30-17,15 Vespers
   17,30-17,50 Light supper(except the days of fast)
   18 Complin
   18,45 Rest

During the time from his foundation to his destruction, the schedule went through many variations.

A model that reproduces the abbatial church

What is left of the nave


Postal Address:
Abbazia S. Maria di Finalpia
17024 Finale Ligure Pia (SV) Italy
Telephone +39 019 602 301  Fax: +39 019 604 9940
updated 10 February 2024
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