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La Porziuncola

The little church of the Porziuncola,
incorporated in the Basilica of
Santa Maria degli Angeli
of Assisi.
1 and 2 August
The Portiuncula
One night of the year of the Lord 1216, Francis was immersed in prayer and contemplation in the small church of Porziuncola (here we see the interior of the small church); when suddenly  a very bright light appeared and Francis saw above the altar the Christ clothed with Light,  to his right his Mother, surrounded by a multitude of Angels, who asked what he wanted for the salvation of souls. Francis' response was immediate: "Most Holy Father, although I am a miserable sinner, I beg you that all, repented and confessed, will come to visit this church, grant them ample and generous forgiveness, with a complete remission of the sins "." What you ask, or Brother Francis, is great -  the Lord  said to him - but of greater things you are worthy and of greater you will have.
I therefore welcome your prayer, but on the condition that you ask my vicar on earth, for my part, this indulgence. "And so Francis did; he obtained from the Pope this indulgence which was called: Plenary indulgence of the Portiuncula or Pardon of Assisi.
And these are the conditions: From midday of August 1st until the next day, or in the time prescribed by the local Ordinary (Bishop), the Plenary Indulgence can be earned only once, by visiting a parish church or a Franciscan one, with the recitation of the Creed and of the Our Father and a prayer according to the intentions of the Holy Father (a Hail Mary is sufficient). This indulgence can also be applied in suffrage of the dead.
Like all plenary indulgences it is necessary to approach the Confession and do Holy Communion (or do it within a week).

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