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Patron saint's day

15 August

The Assumption of Mary in the window of our church , inspired by the painting by Murillo (1678 ) which is now in the Prado Museum in Madrid . This window , the work of a Florentine  company was placed on the 50th anniversary of the return of the Benedictine monks in Finalpia (1955 ) .
Our Lady of the window does not look up , but look at the people of " Pia " at his feet : monks and population .

" A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars ."


8 September

Birth of Mary
Painting on the ceiling of Our Sanctuary ( Andrea Rossi , sec . XIX) .
His mother , Anna , is still in bed .
Next to the bed some women are washing the newborn baby girl.
At the foot of the bed 's father , Joachim, comments the event with some acquaintances .
On the left  corner the used linen are taken away.
Room decor recalls the wealth of the family .
Our Lady of the Valley Pia and the Nativity of Mary
devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is part of the early Christian tradition .
A testimony of this devotion is also found in our church , which was erected in her honor in sec . XIII , at the bottom of the valley Pia , near the mouth of Sciusa .
Surely in the church there was an image of the Madonna , perhaps a painting .
But we do not know anything .
The painting of Our Lady of Pia , whom we venerate today in the church is from XIV century and is attributed to the Genoese painter Nicolò da Voltri .
For centuries, the Feast of Our Lady of Pia was celebrated on September 8 , the day dedicated to the Nativity of Mary.
With the proclamation of the dogma of the Assumption (1950 ) ,they choosed the Assumption as special patroness .
So   in Finalpia is honored - in particular - the Madonna when she entered the world ( Nativity ) and in the blessed moment when she entered the Heaven (Assumption ) .

The Patron Saint's Day on August 15, comes alive with religious and civil celebration on  September  8.
Painting of Our Lady of Pia , adorned with a robe , exposed to the veneration of the faithful

The painting ( icon ) of Our Lady of the Valley Pia
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