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(or rather two)

Montecassino rebuilt after destruction by Allied bombing.

Together they were within the mother.

And here, always together, they are waiting to hear the voice of the Lord
that comes ...

After having been duly guarded, the mortal remains of San Benedetto and his twin sister Santa Scolastica rest today at the highest part of the famous monastery of Montecassino. Both Saints passed away in the mid-sixth century: Santa Scolastica in a nearby convent and San Benedetto in Montecassino.
A slab of black marble placed on their grave says: Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica just as they were not separated in spirit during their life, in the same way their bodies were not separated in death.
The original urn was of alabaster and contained a bronze container large enough to hold the mortal remains of two people.

The precious 18th century reliquary of S. Benedetto and Santa Scolastica.

The Tomb of San Benedetto and Santa Scholastica, after having survived the destruction over the centuries and, more recently, the bombing of the Second World War, can be visited today at the High Altar of the rebuilt Cathedral of Montecassino, surrounded by beautiful and precious decorations.
Immediately after the Second World War a meticulous reconnaissance was carried out with the unearthing of the ancient sepulcher with the remains placed in the tomb. The experts conducted a scrupulously documented study and agreed to confirm the authenticity of the remains, reaffirming, as others had previously done, belonging to San Benedetto and his sister Santa Scholastica.

Distinct but together forever.

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